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Welcome to the Durous Wiki. TheRealDestroyerite, AtarionFire, StefenDoge, Sovngarde195, BowgartKing, DinoRo and Ioyosh wanted to share our Fan-made Spore lore.

Link to Ecis-21:

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Apply to join the RP with one of the members above. Joining the Oscar Alliance itself requires you to fill out this. Join in with the United Federation with This! Want to add a page? Just add your own or tell TheRealDestroyerite and you'll have one, and he will edit it so that it can fit within the lore! His Spore username is Destroyeraj7 and can be contacted by commenting on his creations! or contact

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Learn about empires like the huge Destroyerite Empire! the great militarist Doge and Dectars! The economic Bowgarts! And even more!

Also Learn About Companies like the SOC Foundation, the CSC!

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Heres the link to our discord.

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The Destroyerites V2
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Flag of the Mighty Doge Empire

Dectar Flag

The Dectar Flag

Flag of donice

The Donice Flag

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